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This is the final product of an international Erasmus+ project “Generation of Sustainability”. Students in 5 countries (Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, Greece and Slovakia) worked collecting and processing statistical data and generated “Carbon Footprint Calculator”. Carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) released into the atmosphere as a result of our activities. Increased greenhouse gas emissions have a direct impact on climate change.

Calculate the estimate of your carbon footprint, find out your personal impact on the environment and learn what you can do to reduce it.

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Carbon Footprint Calculator

Click on the titles below and fill the forms to calculate the amount of your Carbon Footprint in a year.

What type of car do you travel by?

How many km a week do you travel by car?

How many km a week do you travel by bus?

How many km a month do you travel by train?

How many return flights have you made in the past year?

What best describes your diet?

How often do you eat at a fast food restaurant?

How many kg of food waste do you produce a week?

Do you have solar panels installed in your home?

Do you use electricity for heating your home?

How warm do you keep your home in winter?

Do you regularly turn off lights and appliances?

How many kg of unrecycled waste do you create every week?

How many shirts do you buy each year?

How many jeans do you buy each year?

How many other items of clothing do you buy each year?

How many sneakers do you buy each year?

How many every-day shoes do you buy per year?

Have you bought a smart phone in the past year?

Have you bought a PC in the past year?

Have you bought a laptop in the past year?

In a typical month, how much do you spend on health/beauty products/services?

In a typical month, how much do you spend on entertainment and hobbies?

Do you have a pet?

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{{ totalfood | number:2 }} kg/year


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How to limit your carbon footprint?

Small changes can make a big difference in the long run, for example when it comes to transportation, food, clothing, waste, etc.
Here are some tips:

  • Cycle or use public transport
  • Be smart about when and how you drive
  • Try the train for your next holiday
  • Consume local and seasonal products (forget strawberries in winter)
  • Limit meat consumption, especially beef
  • Select fish from sustainable fishing
  • Bring reusable shopping bags and avoid products with excessive plastic packaging
  • Make sure to buy only what you need, to avoid waste
  • Switch to sustainable energy
  • Turn down the heating by 1°, it will already make a difference
  • Take short showers
  • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth or clean the dishes
  • Unplug your electronic equipment and don’t leave your phone on charge when the battery is already full
  • Don’t store unnecessary data in the cloud (learn more about your digital footprint!)
  • Select energy efficient products with an “A” label (EU Energy Label)
  • Take good care of your clothes
  • Buy responsibly-made clothes, e.g. made from recycled material or with an eco-label
  • Try swapping, borrowing, renting or buying second-hand
  • Repair and reuse
  • Limit and recycle your waste